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    In business it’s easy to lose sight of your end goal and to become ruthless because you want to do better than your competition but I strongly believe that kindness goes a long way. As my business grows I appreciate the kindness that other people have shown me along the way.

    I’ve been attending a lot of meet ups for business and networking and as a result my confidence and knowledge has grown and I often help friends who are trying to grow their own businesses. I have always believed that being a writer is what I’m destined to do but it’s taken such a huge amount of courage to put myself in the often vulnerable position of sending my work to publishers and and discussing it at the meet ups I attend.

    So many people have said how much they enjoy my stories and have been encouraging me to keep working hard towards my dreams. Even if publishers or literary agents have rejected my work they’ve always sent a kind message explaining my books aren’t for them but that they wish me luck in finding someone who would like to publish my work.

    In the mean time I’ll keep plugging away and continue to be kind to others and encourage them to pursue their own dreams.