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    In business it’s easy to lose sight of your end goal and to become ruthless because you want to do better than your competition but I strongly believe that kindness goes a long way. As my business grows I appreciate the kindness that other people have shown me along the way.

    I’ve been attending a lot of meet ups for business and networking and as a result my confidence and knowledge has grown and I often help friends who are trying to grow their own businesses. I have always believed that being a writer is what I’m destined to do but it’s taken such a huge amount of courage to put myself in the often vulnerable position of sending my work to publishers and and discussing it at the meet ups I attend.

    So many people have said how much they enjoy my stories and have been encouraging me to keep working hard towards my dreams. Even if publishers or literary agents have rejected my work they’ve always sent a kind message explaining my books aren’t for them but that they wish me luck in finding someone who would like to publish my work.

    In the mean time I’ll keep plugging away and continue to be kind to others and encourage them to pursue their own dreams.

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    I have recently discovered through doing some market research that the word fart is rather controversial.

    So many people seem to dislike it, particularly if it’s also paired with girls! One of the many reason why I’ve written Girls Love to Fart is to help break the taboo regarding girls farting.


    Why should girls not embrace their stinkiness? In my own experience of working with children for the past nineteen years they have all enjoyed reading stories where the characters fart, Burp, pick their noses or poo!

    In fact, when I used to babysit two children in particular, who were brother and sister, came down stairs one evening wearing their mothers underwear and found it utterly hilarious!🤣




    Reading stories that make children laugh is such a joy and I’m looking forward to my book bringing delight and amusement to the adults and children who read it.

  3. I have been working hard to find a publisher or literary agent for Girls Love to Fart and I have to say it is an exhausting and nerve wracking task.

    I don’t particularly have much of a business brain because I am creative but I am learning such a lot. My skills at sending persuasive emails have improved enormously and my confidence fluctuates between believing that the people I need to like my book will do so and then takes the stance that they will reject it completely.

    I’m keeping everything crossed that something will come to fruition! 🙌🏻🤞🏻



  4. I have written a children’s book called Girls Love to Fart, which is part of a new series of stories all beginning with Girls Love to...that are designed to help empower girls and give them more confidence about their bodies.


    From the moment we’re born we are gendered and this often has an impact upon how we are expected to behave. It is far more socially acceptable for boys to fart than girls.

    I have heard so many people say it’s not ladylike to fart but have yet to hear a single person tell me it’s not gentleman like. What does this message teach our children? Why is it that girls are taught that their natural bodily functions are wrong and something to feel ashamed of when in reality they are normal and natural?


    I understand that we don’t want everyone farting all the time because the combined smell would be rather disgusting but when someone needs to let one rip it shouldn’t be something that makes them feel ashamed.


    I grew up in a family where farting was normal but I understood that in certain situations it wasn’t appropriate. Even this hasn’t protected me from feelings of shame and discomfort if I dare to accidentally fart in public.

    I won’t attend a yoga class just in case I fart and everyone else hears, which is really quite ludicrous because we all know that people often fart whilst transitioning from one move to the other. I mean, no one would give two hoots if I farted whilst doing a downward dog, apart from me of course!

    Another reason why I want this book to be read by adults and children is that my own daughter Florence, when aged three told me girls don’t fart and refused to let me read it to her. She would go into a complete meltdown if I dared even mention the title. I was outraged because she was already feeling that what her body did was wrong because of what someone else had said. Would that same person have said boys don’t fart? I seriously doubt it! Fortunately Florence has since made friends with a little girl who loves farting and jokes about it a lot, making everyone around her laugh.




    I also know plenty of women who won’t fart in front of their partner but the latter has no qualms in doing so themselves. I personally believe the humiliation women and girls experience has a direct impact upon their mental, emotional and physical health due to the assumption that farting is not feminine. This is another form of controlling women’s bodies which needs to be addressed and rectified. So, go ahead and fart in a yoga class or whilst on a first date, fart with your friends, and become a farting advocate!

  5. fartfartfart

    Here is one of the inside pages for Girls love to fart.

    I’m so Impressed with Cheryl’s unending imagination and awesome skills as an illustrator. We‘ve both had endless laughs working on this project together but I have also learnt a huge amount about myself as a writer and a creator of stories.

    Watching my work being brought to life through pictures inspires me to keep going, even when I cannot see an end in sight.

    It gives me hope that I can help encourage girls and women to embrace their bodies and natural bodily functions without feeling ashamed of themselves.

    We may not Fart rainbows but we certainly all fart and that’s never going to change!

  6. suffragettes







    Hi everyone,


    This week has been a busy week. I have been writing and editing various stories I’m working on. I also read my poem I am a Girl at a poetry meet up on Friday. It’s particularly relevant because of the Suffregette 100 celebrations which means women have had the right to vote for 100 years now. It’s always been a subject close to my heart and as a mother to two young daughters I am working towards the fight for women’s rights.